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    Is My Chinese/thai/asian Water Dragon Male or Female?

    I purchased a chinese water dragon from my local reptile store back in February and he's grown a decent amount since. Now, he seems about 12 inches. I was just wondering if it were possible to sex him yet? He has some nice colors, but he's still a little dark compared to other dragons that I've seen. I will attach an image so you can get an actual look at him, I just finished misting his tank so there may droplets on the walls, but hopefully it wont be too much in the way. I'm only calling him he because I don't want to just call him an "it". Another thing I've been wondering about, is if he is stressed, or if he's just being active? His tank looks huge for him, I have him in a very tall 55 gallon at the moment, but I do plan to buy a bigger enclosure asap. He mainly clings to his favorite stick and basks there, but I noticed he somewhat freaks out on the glass sometimes. I know I give him proper lighting, water, diet, etc.. He's shedding just a bit behind his head now, so he is growing. He is eating and defecating like normally.. Lately I have been feeding him mainly crickets though, so maybe he would be more satisfied if I gave him a few more berries and worms or something other than a cricket. Lol. But, it worries me because he may be unhappy. So any ideas on how to keep the little darling happy are welcomed.
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    Re: Is My Chinese/thai/asian Water Dragon Male or Female?

    At 12in he should be in an adult sized enclosure which is at minimum the size of a standard fridge so the 55gal is rather small at the moment. However he (or she) is still too small to definitively tell the gender. When the dragon is about 5in from the tip of their nose to the vent (base of the tail) that is when most secondary characteristics start to appear. Though Tai didnt show his manly traits until he was closer to 7in snout to vent length.

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