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Chinese Water Dragon....help!

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    Question Chinese Water Dragon....help!

    Looking for ideas almost a year and half. Leans to left side alot week side still eating and drinking, white areas at the rear of the body not shedding. Walks in circles alot like its got equilibrium problem I help him/her out with physical therapy everyday seems be helping he/she has proper lighting and I add moister everyday. Any ideas

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    Re: Chinese Water Dragon....help!

    Define "proper lighting" for me, please. What is her diet like, do you supplement with calcium and d3? Stop with the "physical therapy" as well, you could be doing more damage then good. Please be specific with lighting and diet details.
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    Re: Chinese Water Dragon....help!

    Have you seen an exotic vet?
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    Re: Chinese Water Dragon....help!

    Your lizard needs veterinary care. In the meantime, please tell us EVERYTHING about how you care for it:

    What do you feed it (how much, how often)
    what, if any vitamins do you use? (w/ or witho D3?, How often are they given)
    What size is the terrarium, all 3 dimensions in inches please.
    What do you use for lighting and heating - what kinds of bulbs, wattage, age, etc.
    What do your ambient and basking temps look like during the day, and at night? Highs and lows.
    What does the ambient humidity like in you enclosure?
    What kinds of instruments do you use to measure heat/humidity?
    How long have you had this lizard and what age was it when you got it, approximately.
    What kind of substrate do you use, if any?
    How close is the basking area to each bulb/light/heater?
    how do your lizards eyes look?
    What is your enclosure made of? the things inside it?
    what kind of water source do you have (bowl changed daily, pond with filter/pump, etc?)
    When was the last time your Chinese Water Dragon shed it's skin, and did everything come off without your help?
    How frequently does it defecate?
    How does the inside of it's mouth look? Clean, and pink? cheesy, yellow, bloody or swollen?

    Any other details you can think to tell us will help us try and help you and your lizard. I know some of them seem crazy, but they are important to know.
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