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    Question Is There Any Type of Ointment for My Cwd?!

    We just got our wd about 5 days ago. He keeps doing the nose rubbing and i was wondering if there is an ointment out there that i could put on his nose?

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    Re: Is There Any Type of Ointment for My Cwd?!

    I don't know about dragons, but I put triple antibiotic ointment on my snakes if they have a scrape or something. Use the kind without the pain reliever in it. I am sure someone with more lizard expeience will be along shortly. Welcome to HerpCenter by the way!
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    Re: Is There Any Type of Ointment for My Cwd?!

    ha alright thanks much!

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    Re: Is There Any Type of Ointment for My Cwd?!

    Yep triple antibiotic WITHOUT pain reliever. However until you find out why the dragon is nose rubbing the problem will continue. How are you housing it?
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    Re: Is There Any Type of Ointment for My Cwd?!

    Oh, he is in 4.5 by 4 by 2 ft cage which is plenty of space for him. We will try the ointment and see how it goes. I'm also going to put paper and plants on the glass so he can't see his reflection.

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    Re: Is There Any Type of Ointment for My Cwd?!

    also, if it isn't already, make 3 sides of the cage opaque - Water Dragons don't do well in glass houses. I'm assuming though, due to the size of your cage, it is glass in front only.

    You said he is still new to you right? You can also try covering the front of his cage totally for a week or two to let him adjust to his new home.

    As stated, ointment won't help much unless the rubbing stops (not only will he rub it right off, but he will also continue to damage his face.)

    Keep us posted!
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    Re: Is There Any Type of Ointment for My Cwd?!

    He seems to be more relaxed now. My vet suggested putting Vitamine E softgel tablits by piercing a small hole and applying to his snout. Doing fine while its on (but he has a water area that takes up 3/4 of his 75 g aquaruim) so he is able to rinse it off while exploring.

    It is just glass on the front with plexi doors. If he continues to show restless signs and trying to escape I will have to put paper up on all sides.

    Everything sound okay? Anything else a new owner should be aware of. He eats fine, loves crickets. But is picky towards small goldfish (wont eat them at all) and tried meal worms once, but wont eat them anymore.

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