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    Shedding questions

    What are the signs that a water dragon is about to shed? Do your water dragons become inactive and lose their appetite and if so then how much and how long does it take for them to shed?

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    My dragon is about a year now, I've had him for about 9 months and he has went through shedding probably twice a month. Usually dragons are bright greens and slight browns, but when they start to shed their skin seems to get dry and brown and their under-belly is an off-white and get very dry. He had shed once and lost one of his nails because the skin wouldnt shed around his fingers and it cut off the circulation. So, now I have to help him shed by giving in warm baths in the sink and rubbing his skin. When my dragon seems to eat a lot that is when he starts to stretch his skin and shed. I don't notice a loss of appetite at all. But that is because my dragon loves to stuff himself one day and eat one or two crickets in the days to follow. As for inactivity, I'm not to sure about that. Dragons can be fickle. They sometimes want to get out of their tank for attention and other times hide. I hope I helped you a it, if you have any other questions just let me know.

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    Question Shedding

    I have never heard or expierenced any slow down of activity when shedding and never ever expiernced no or little appetite mine have always been good eaters.
    Like lizardgirl22 said they get drownish and dry

    I have always aided by soaking in warm water, how long have you had your wd?
    Love Always,

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