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    Male? Female? or too young to tell?

    Anyone have any ideas what they are? I've tried to figure it out, but havent had any luck. Too young still?

    They dont have official names yet (just nicknames), but once I find out their gender I'll give them permenant names

    chinese water dragon #1.

    It was 16 snout to tail length inches when I got it, but exactly one inch of its tail broke off, so it was 15. But is almost 16 now so if it hadent lost the inch of tail it would be close to 17 inches.

    Chinese Water Dragon #2

    Was 16 inches snout to tail length when I got it. Almost 17 inches long now.

    Chinese Water Dragon#1 pics.

    trying to figure out why it cant get through the glass..



    Chinese Water Dragon#2
    (its color is kind of dark green/brown, it'll be better soon since its FINALLY starting to shed a bit.)

    (right, back)

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    Perfect link, hope it helps, but it still looks a bit young to me. Let us know if you figure it out.

    Hokey Pokey Anonymous, A place to turn yourself around!

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    yeah thanks for the link, its good info but I guess you're right, I'm just going to have to wait till they grow a bit more...

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