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    Canadian Tree Frogs

    When I go outside in the summer at night I can hear what I am positive are tree frogs chirping tons of them. I remember I caught one in the summer that was just sitting there on a railing on the stairs in my back yard and I beleive it was pretty plain but it was bright green and had all the features of a tree frog I cannot determine the species. But they are a basic looking green tree frog in Ontario Canada. Is there any way I can get a sound file on here so you can hear the chirping and would anyone know of the species I am tlaking of and where to look for them and how to catch them? Thanks
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    You might be able to upload a sound file to zippyvideos.com or some other host and then put a link to it. I couldn't ID it by the chirping ut there are a couple of people on here who might.
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    There's only one species of tree frog that I'm familiar with that would be found up there, and yes, it does live in your area and it can come in green. It's the grey tree frog (Hyla versicolor). They are some of the best color changers out there, and can come in shades that are nearly black to nearly white, plus browns, greys, and greens. Aside from that, the only thing I could think of that it might be is a chorus frog, which are sort of treefrogish, but they're tiny, and not solid green. Did the frog you found have yellow inner thighs?

    Here's a green phase grey tree frog:

    Here's one of many sites that have a grey tree frog sound file too:

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    There is a couple of Hyla species that live up here in Alberta.

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