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    Exclamation RETF Losing Weight.

    In the past week and a half we have noticed our Red Eye Tree Frog is getting skinner. Our thoughts are she is having a hard time hunting down crickets because she is by herself in an 80 gal. vivarium.

    We are considering moving her into an 18'x24'x24' exo terra (I think thats the size anyways) so that its easier for her to find her food.

    Is she going to be ok with this size and moving into a smaller enclosure?
    We are worried about her weight loss.

    Her temps during the daytime are 85* nightime are 75* and her humidity is kept above 70%.

    Also is there an easy way to get her to eat meal worms? We put a dish in front of her with 4 on it. She saw them but didnt go for them. Any suggestions would help.

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    Re: RETF Losing Weight.

    A smaller tank wouldn't hurt. its worth a shot. You could also add more crickets. Just be sure to put in extra snacks for them.
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