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    Question White Tree Frog Questions

    I will make them numbered,
    1) Would an ExoTerra that is (HxWxD) 24x18x18(inches) ok to house a Whites Tree Frog in and if so how many?
    2)What would be the best substrate for them: Sphagnum moss, coco fiber, eco earth. If I wanted plants could I mix in soil?
    3) Can I have live plants?
    4) Can I have a waterfall, fogger and rain system(to eliminate misting, or would the fogger and waterfall keep humidity high enough?) in the tank with a pool? I would use egg crate, pvc pipe, a powerhead, and of course a fogger.It would be a small pool just to drink from and soak in.
    5) Could I make the background out of "Great Stuff" And foam sheets? How long for "Great Stuff" to cure and be safe for the frogs?
    6) Do they need a UVB light?
    7) What lights do you recommend for basking and viewing at night?
    8)Can they eat fruit and veggies?
    9) Is a screen top ok for the enclosure or should I make a wood/glass one?
    10)Do they need a lot of ventilation?

    Please don't post a link to a caresheet, I want an opinion of someone who owns them. Thank you

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    Re: White Tree Frog Questions

    Thank you for asking! Research is good.

    1) That's about 30 gallons and I would say you can have a pair of them in there.

    2)Eco-earth mixed in with organic potting soil is what I use. No sphagnum moss, it poses an impaction risk.

    3) Yes, I find pothos is great

    4) You can, but I would advise against it. The frogs will poop in it and track in a ton of soil. This will clog filters and burn out waterfall pumps. I would stick with a water dish changed out every day to every other day. A waterfall is not needed to keep humidity up with plants and soil. Be sure to treat the water with a decholorinator.

    5) Yes you can use Great stuff. Do a search in the Herp Habitats section for its use.

    6) They do not need UVB light.

    7) No lights at night. I would go for a Ceramic Heat Emitter if your house temp drops below 68 degrees.

    8)They only eat bugs and the occasional pinkie mouse.

    9) Wood is an ideal top. It holds in heat and humidity.

    10)They need some ventilation. The space cut into the wood for light/heat fixtures is adequate.
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