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    Exclamation HELP!!!Something Wrong with Frog's Eye

    I just got a fire bellied toad last week. He was fine. I bought him a bigger aquarium and transfered him into it Sunday. He has stayed hidden under the rock in the aquarium in the new tank and doesn't come out. Last night he made noises for the first time, but still stayed under his rock. I decided to feed him today and put the crickets in his cage. I got him out from hiding and placed him on the dry section of his aquarium with the crickets. But, he didn't seem interested in eating. This is unusual for him. He usually can't wait to eat and gobbles them up quickly. That is when I noticed his right eye has a white film over it and looks a different greyish color. It also looks swollen compared to the other eye.(it looks like it sticks up further on his head). I think it might be an infection but don't think I have the money to get him to the vet right now. Is there some way I can treat him for this infection without seeing a doctor? Please help, I don't want him to die.

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    Re: HELP!!!Something Wrong with Frog's Eye

    What kind of substrate do you have him on? Tell us more about his set up.

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    Re: HELP!!!Something Wrong with Frog's Eye

    He is in the Herp Habitat tank. The upper part is the dry area with reptile dirt(the kind you put in water and it expands), aquarium moss(dry moss that you water daily). The bottom half is filled with water over large rock gravel. He has a rock cave that he stays hidden under. Dry frog moss is on top of this rock. Also in the tank are two artificial plants I got at the fish section of the pet store for decoration.

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    Re: HELP!!!Something Wrong with Frog's Eye

    first, scrap the dry moss. That stuff can cause an impaction.

    what are your temps?

    Seems like its probably an eye infection of some sort. He really needs to see a vet to have it treated with antibiotics.
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    Re: HELP!!!Something Wrong with Frog's Eye

    i would bump up the temps whatever they are. Sometimes higher temps can help the animal fight an infection. Also, once you get him treated you should probably add some friends. fire-bellied toad are social frogs and are more happy in company. this might help to get him to come out more...
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    Re: HELP!!!Something Wrong with Frog's Eye

    All good suggestions thus far. Some fish medications for the same thing can sometimes help frogs as well. It may be worth a look. Not all fish meds can be used on amphibians though, so look at the ingredients and do your research. It's possible he injured the eye while hopping in the enclosure. Take out any pointy or jagged rocks he may have hit and that may help prevent this from happening again, if that's what caused it.

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