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    firebelly toad Setup

    I now know that i have a lot of changes to make so can someone please give me some pointers on what the best setup for a 15 gallon tank with 3 firebellies would be? pictures would also be great. thanks

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    Re: firebelly toad Setup

    You could go with a semi-aquatic or total aquatic providing there are floating platforms or plants for them to get completely out of the water.

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    Re: firebelly toad Setup

    I cant answer the questions, but here is a link to a set up that might help you some.


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    Re: firebelly toad Setup

    Here are a couple of pics of my set up from the top and front...

    This is a 20l that houses 4 fire-bellied toad.

    I started by gluing in a piece of plexiglass, using aquarium sealer to separate land from water. On the land side, I put in a layer of gravel topped by a piece of plastic mesh. On top of the plastic mesh, I used eco-earth. The plants are all live. The water is about 3-1/2" deep and filtered with a Tetra Whisper 10i filter. I have a low-watt basking lamp to keep the temps in the mid 70's (when needed) and use a grow light for the plants.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: firebelly toad Setup

    nice setup. Once my hubby gets a new job, This is going to be my next project. I have a 20 gallon tank that would make a lovely habitat.
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    Re: firebelly toad Setup

    Here is a pic of my setup but it is a 20 long They are pretty easy to setup just make some land and water I used a black trashbag to make my riverbed then covered it w/ more substrate then made the riverbed w/ gravel and also gave them a log to hide under My little guys love to hide in logs and caves Hope this helps


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