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Hi! New @ Leopard Gecko Husbandry

Discussion in 'Leopard Geckos' started by Armando, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Armando

    Armando Member

    Hello members. My name is Armando and I wanted to thank the admins and all who contribute to this site for helping to educate me about leopard geckos. Just picked them up Sunday, Jan. 8th!
    I have learned a ton in the last month and a half (thank you for the care sheet!)
    Went to Petco to pick up 2 Leo adult looking females that always were together. They seemed to get along well and were always together.
    We have a regular 20 gal aquarium with a metal screen lid. I used the thermometer used as example in care guide. It works great. I am supplementing with vitamin and calcium with and without D3. I borrowed my friend's tile saw and am using tile as substrate. (I didn't know at first about the whole impaction risk with
    Okay, so the last part of this maybe not good idea. While at store my kids and I felt sorry for third Leo that was different morph but in same tank as other 2 that we purchased. So now we have 3 adult females in a 20 gal tank.
    If I get flamed in the comments I understand. Maybe I will upgrade tank to 40 gal breeder tank. There is a sale at store...the $1.00 per gallon sale.
    I will attempt to post pics and please provide comments/constructive criticism. Thanks! 1484077890740-295795109.jpg 1484077890740-295795109.jpg 1484077983264-713714381.jpg

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