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Can Someone Sex My Anoles? Photos Provided.

Discussion in 'Anoles' started by MantidBro, Jan 2, 2017.


Is "2" male or female?

  1. male

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  2. female

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  1. MantidBro

    MantidBro Active Member

    Here's "Victor":

    IMG_4812.JPG IMG_4813.JPG


    Here's the second "2" (currently unnamed):

    IMG_4809.JPG IMG_4811.JPG

    And here's "Rusti":

    IMG_4814.JPG IMG_4815.JPG

    "Victor" and "2" I'm sure are both Brown Anoles. I think "Rusti" is considered one as well, despite the difference in appearance. Am I right on that?

    Either way, I purchased "2", because I want to breed, and I was under the impression that "2" was female and "Victor" was male. But considering the way they've been reacting towards each other, I'm not so sure. There hasn't been any mating, but rather, "Victor" just seems to be aggressive towards "2".

    "Victor" bobs his head, shows his dewlap, and raises the fins on his back and head. He chases "2" down and tries to bite, and not on the neck. I've separated them because he is being far too aggressive and doesn't seem to be interested in mating as much as he is interesting in claiming his territory.

    "2" reacts to "Victor" by showing his/her own dewlap and bobbing her head. "2" won't chase "Victor", and is the one to be running away.

    "Victor" is about 6 1/2 inches and "2" is about 5 1/2 inches.

    I'm not yet trying to breed "Rusti" because he/she's far too small yet. "Victor" shows no interesting in "Rusti".
  2. Qwerty3159

    Qwerty3159 Elite Member

    2 and Victor are both males. Rusti is a female. They are all Brown anoles (Anolis sagrei), even Rusti, she's just of a somewhat common red-headed morph. The two males need to be kept separated as they will continue to fight and can cause pretty bad harm to one another if one can't escape the other (which they can't in a cage)
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  3. MantidBro

    MantidBro Active Member

    Oh wow thanks, you're right. I put Rusti in and he's trying to mate with her. Leaving the other male in his own cage.

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