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    New Red Tegu won't eat!

    I just got a Red Tegu over the weekend - I am pretty sure i'm in love with him. He's awesome.

    I posted before that he jumped out of my hand and he was dragging his back legs after the fall for like 30 minutes, then he regained full mobility (I think he was in shock). But now he seems as good and as curious as new!

    He only ate 1 tiny piece of chicken about the size of a dime (and out of my hand, which was great) since i got him on Sunday, but I am assuming that might be because he is getting acclimated to a new environment so that's why food isn't his #1 priority. I left 8 small mealworms in his bowl, when i get back from work I am hoping a few will be gone.
    Any other ideas to stimulate better eating early on?

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    Re: New Red Tegu won't eat!

    Ok, to start out with, you should not be handling him for the first week or two. He needs time to settle in. This Is probably why he also jumped off your lap. Give him time. He took a bad fall and is in a new situation. Hands off minus cleaning and feeding (and feed in the tank).
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    Re: New Red Tegu won't eat!

    First you should not be handling him! Put him in the cage and leave him alone for a week so he can settle in. Don't even go into the cage except for necessary feeding waterchanges, etc.
    Between the new environment and the fall to the floor he is stressed out big time!

    LOL! Liz read my mind!
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    Re: New Red Tegu won't eat!

    I agree with the above. You have to give him time to get used to things one week min! After that you can slowly introduce yourself to him. Be slow and always lift from below him. Don't grab him and don't strip from his hide. That is his safe place. Try feeding outside of his cage. I know some people might think I'm crazy saying that, but It wan't that hard for me and many people have had success with it. But you might not be able too in that case, feed him in his cage.

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