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  1. Major comeback for sea turtles: Highest reported nest counts in Nicaragua
  2. New model for snake venom evolution proposed
  3. Gravity: Itís the law even for cells
  4. Predators and Isolation Shape the Evolution of 'Island Tameness,' Providing
  5. Tropical inspiration for an icy problem
  6. Bad news for kids: Parents do not defend their offspring at all cost, bird
  7. Turtles and dinosaurs: Scientists solve reptile mysteries with landmark stu
  8. Tapeworm found living inside a patient's brain: Worm removed and sequenced
  9. Why lizards have bird breath: Iguanas evolved one-way lungs surprisingly li
  10. Less sex plus more greens equals a longer life: Reptile study
  11. Role of microbes, effect on infectious disease dynamics
  12. Origin of the unique ventilatory apparatus of turtles: How the tortoise's r
  13. Forensic DNA test conclusively links snake bite marks on people to species
  14. Genesis of genitalia: We have one. Lizards have two. Why?
  15. Female frogs modify offspring development depending on reproduction date
  16. Emerging disease could wipe out American, European salamanders
  17. Plump turtles swim better: First models of swimming animals
  18. New frog discovered inhabiting I-95 corridor from Connecticut to North Caro
  19. Rare bush frog breeds in bamboo, researchers discover
  20. Study of mitochondrial DNA reveals how loggerhead turtle reached Mediterran
  21. Some like it loud: Warning coloration paved the way for louder, more comple
  22. Florida lizards evolve rapidly, within 15 years and 20 generations
  23. Sex-loving, meat-eating reptiles have shorter lives
  24. Sea turtles' first days of life: Sprint and ride towards safety
  25. Amphibian communities collapse in wake of viral outbreak
  26. Potential drug could ease impact of bacterial lung infections in cystic fib
  27. No single explanation for biodiversity in Madagascar
  28. Fine-tuning of bitter taste receptors may be key to animal survival
  29. Snakes and snake-like robots show how sidewinders conquer sandy slopes
  30. Lizards in the caribbean: How geography influences animal evolution
  31. Pollution linked to lethal sea turtle tumors
  32. First evidence that reptiles can learn through imitation
  33. Climate change appears a mixed bag for common frog
  34. New poison dart frog species discovered in Donoso, Panama
  35. Evolution of snake courtship and combat behavior
  36. Answer to restoring lost island biodiversity found in fossils
  37. The quick and the dead among tropical reptiles
  38. Tree frogs speed up their life cycle when becoming lunch
  39. How lizards regenerate their tails: Researchers discover genetic 'recipe'
  40. Giant Aldabra tortoises debut at Bronx Zoo
  41. Scientists study 'talking' turtles in Brazilian Amazon
  42. Rare frogs holding their own despite drought conditions
  43. Roadside research from pinelands and coast to coast
  44. Can a new species of frog have a doppelganger? Genetics say yes
  45. Tortoises master touchscreen technology
  46. Young loggerhead turtles not going with the flow
  47. How amphibians crossed continents: DNA helps piece together 300-million-yea
  48. Major turtle nesting beaches protected in one of the UK's far flung oversea
  49. Helping save narrow-headed gartersnakes from after-effects of Slide Fire
  50. Tiny new species of frog from Brazil with a heroic name
  51. Alaska frogs reach record lows in extreme temperature survival
  52. Science and art bring back to life 300-million-year-old specimens of a prim
  53. National Xenopus resource at the MBL innovates new way to study proteins
  54. Organic pollutants not factor in turtle tumor disease, study finds
  55. Scientists gear up to fight deadly snake fungal disease
  56. Head formation of clawed frog embryos
  57. Amphibians can acquire resistance to deadly fungus
  58. Ranavirus predicted to be potential new culprit in amphibian extinctions
  59. Frog larvae have developed rapid defenses against red swamp crayfish
  60. Jump to it! A frog's leaping style depends on the environment
  61. Hibernating frogs give clues to halting muscle wastage
  62. Invasive watersnakes introduced to California may pose risk to native speci
  63. Evolution and venomous snakes: Diet distinguishes look-alikes on two contin
  64. Complex mechanisms controlling changes in snake venom identified by scienti
  65. Invasive lizards could threaten Florida's nesting reptiles
  66. First intact skull of Mediterranean worm lizard found: Skull of new species
  67. Crooning in the concrete jungle: Taiwan's frogs use drains to amplify matin
  68. Unusual parenting behaviour by Southeast Asian species of treefrog discover
  69. Universal antidote for snakebite: Experimental trial represents promising s
  70. Scaly gem discovered in South American cloudforests
  71. Turtle migration directly influenced by drift experiences with ocean curren
  72. Potential cure for captive amphibians with chytrid fungus
  73. Tracking turtles through time, study may resolve evolutionary debate
  74. What frog courtship can tell us about human small talk
  75. Amphibians in a vice: Climate change robs frogs, salamanders of refuge
  76. Sample of a frog's slimy skin predicts susceptibility to disease
  77. Frog eggs help researchers find new information on grapevine disease
  78. Australian marine reserves provide safe passageway for endangered species
  79. Two new river turtle species described
  80. Declining catch rates in Caribbean Nicaragua green turtle fishery may be re
  81. Climate change likely culprit in coqui frog's altered calls, say biologists
  82. Gut capacity limits bird's ability to adapt to rapid climate change
  83. Does germ plasm accelerate evolution?
  84. Extinct carnivorous marsupial may have hunted prey larger than itself
  85. 'Dinosaurs of the turtle world' at risk in Southeast U.S. rivers
  86. Southwestern bird and reptile distributions to shift as climate changes
  87. Freshwater turtle crosses the Aegean Sea
  88. One or Two? How to decide how many species you have got
  89. Tracking endangered leatherback sea turtles by satellite, key habitats iden
  90. Oldest fossil evidence of modern African venomous snakes found in Tanzania
  91. Strange bird, sea turtle hatchlings released on protected Indonesian beach
  92. Motion, muscles don't always work in lockstep, researchers find in surprisi
  93. Sea turtles' 'lost years' mystery starts to unravel
  94. What makes flying snakes such gifted gliders?
  95. Burmese pythons pose little risk to people in Everglades, study suggests
  96. Warm weather in Texas means watch out for snakes, says expert
  97. Color of passion: Orange underbellies of female lizards signal fertility
  98. Climate change causes high but predictable extinction risks
  99. Peru's Manu National Park sets new biodiversity record
  100. Legal harvest of marine turtles tops 42,000 each year
  101. Relocating 'nuisance' animals often unhealthy for wildlife
  102. Crocodilians Can Climb Trees and Bask in the Tree Crowns
  103. Where do lizards in Qatar live? First distribution maps for the state
  104. Blood test developed for devastating disease of boas, pythons
  105. Bats use water ripples to hunt frogs
  106. Constructed wetlands save frogs, birds threatened with extinction
  107. Frog fathers don't mind dropping off their tadpoles in cannibal-infested po
  108. A new toad from the 'warm valleys' of Peruvian Andes
  109. Living on islands makes animals tamer
  110. Fight or flight and the evolution of pain
  111. Frozen frogs: How amphibians survive the harsh Alaskan winters
  112. Endangered Chinese big-headed turtles hatch at Prospect Park Zoo
  113. Loggerhead sea turtle nesting activity driven by recent climate conditions
  114. Ancestor of snakes, lizards likely gave birth to live young
  115. Disease, not climate change, fueling frog declines in the Andes
  116. Tooth structure and wear provide clues to ecology and evolution of ancient
  117. The mystery of lizard breath: One-way air flow may be 270 million years old
  118. Chameleons use colorful language to communicate: Chameleons' body regions a
  119. Surprising diversity in aging revealed in nature
  120. Crocodiles are cleverer than previously thought: Some crocodiles use lures
  121. Genome for the king cobra sequenced
  122. Tracking marine food sources
  123. Secrets to 'extreme adaptation' found in Burmese python genome
  124. Incidental by-catch of marine turtles in the Mediterranean Sea
  125. The collared treerunner is more than a single species
  126. The last croak for Darwin's frog?
  127. U.S. national survey finds frog abnormalities are rare
  128. Green poison-dart frog varies mating call to suit situation
  129. Male lizards prefer more-feminine lizards to 'bearded ladies'
  130. Snakes control blood flow to aid vision
  131. 'Lost world' discovered on Australiaís Cape York Peninsula
  132. Snakes on the brain: Are primates hard-wired to see snakes?
  133. Monkey that purrs like a cat is among new species discovered in Amazon rain
  134. Bee sting allergy could be a defense response gone haywire
  135. Early-life exposure of frogs to herbicide increases mortality from fungal d
  136. Frog-killing fungus paralyzes amphibian immune response
  137. For celebrated frog hops, scientists look to Calaveras pros
  138. Climate change threatens Northern American turtle habitat
  139. Once Extinct Pinocchio Lizard Pokes His Nose Out
  140. Missouri ponds provide clue to killer frog disease
  141. Torrent frogs use toes, belly, thighs to hold tight under waterfall-like co
  142. Oldest existing lizard-like fossil hints at scaly origins
  143. Three new species of tiny frogs from the remarkable region of Papua New Gui
  144. Turtle eye muscle adapts to deal with obstructed vision
  145. 4 new species of 'legless lizards' discovered living on the edge
  146. Frog-killing fungus discovered in Kansas
  147. Frogs that hear with their mouth: X-rays reveal a new hearing mechanism for
  148. Snapping turtles finding refuge in urban areas while habitats are being pol
  149. Female frogs prefer males who can multitask
  150. How 'teamwork' between egg and sperm works: Little-known protein identified
  151. Whole-genome sequencing uncovers the mysteries of the endangered Chinese al
  152. Why can't the snakes cross the road, secret lives of baby snakes and other
  153. Early exposure to insecticides gives amphibians higher tolerance later
  154. Pesticides contaminate frogs from Californian national parks: Pyraclostrobi
  155. Lizards show evolution is predictable
  156. A lost frog in the lost world?
  157. Share robotic frogs help turn a boring mating call into a serenade
  158. Snakes devour more mosquito-eating birds as climate change heats forests
  159. North Carolina's Southern Cricket Frog populations declining
  160. 23 Million Years Old - Lizard Found Preserved In Amber
  161. The origin of the turtle shell: Mystery solved
  162. First supper is a life changer for lizards
  163. New kind of signalling mechanism in plant cells discovered
  164. Bullfrogs may help spread deadly amphibian fungus, but also die from it
  165. Turtles watch for, snack on gelatinous prey while swimming
  166. How to stop a trunk and start a tail? The leg has the key
  167. 'Lizard King' Fossil Shows Giant Reptiles Coexisted With Mammals
  168. An 'extinct' frog makes a comeback in Israel
  169. Threatened frogs palmed off as forests disappear
  170. Croaking chorus of Cuban frogs make noisy new neighbors
  171. Why female loggerhead sea turtles always return to their place of birth
  172. How turtles got their shells: Fossil of extinct South African reptile provi
  173. Scientists discover that turtles began living in shells much earlier than o
  174. Recovery of Hawaiian green sea turtles still short of historic levels
  175. Top 10 new species of 2012
  176. Life scientists present new insights on climate change and species interact
  177. Lovelorn frogs bag closest crooner
  178. Frogs, salamanders and climate change
  179. Climate change may have little impact on tropical lizards: Study contradict
  180. Frog once imported for pregnancy testing brought deadly amphibian disease t
  181. Biologist maps the family tree of all known snake and lizard groups
  182. Cannibal tadpoles key to understanding digestive evolution
  183. Midwestern frogs decline, mammal populations altered by invasive plant, stu
  184. Madagascar tortoise trafficking rages out of control
  185. Amphibians living close to farm fields are more resistant to common insecti
  186. The underground adventures of the Mediterranean frog Rana iberica
  187. Sea turtles benefiting from protected areas
  188. Molecular role of gene linked to blood vessel formation uncovered
  189. Turtle genome analysis sheds light on turtle ancestry and shell evolution
  190. A beautiful species of tree iguana redescribed 179 years after its discover
  191. Frog-like robot will help surgeons
  192. One extinct turtle less: Turtle species in the Seychelles never existed
  193. Painted turtle gets DNA decoded
  194. Getting under the shell of the turtle genome
  195. Peru surprises with two new amazing species of woodlizards
  196. Scientists discover reasons behind snakes' 'shrinking heads'
  197. Scientists produce cloned embryos of extinct frog
  198. What do American bullfrogs eat when they're away from home? Practically eve
  199. Sri Lankan snake study reveals new species, rich biodiversity in island cou
  200. Deadly fungus detected in Southeast Asia's amphibian trade
  201. Lizards facing mass extinction from climate change
  202. Biting back: Snake venom contains toxic clotting factors
  203. 2,000 pound turtle could be extinct within 20 years
  204. Nesting site protection 'key to save turtles from climate change'
  205. In tiny Amazon frogs, males observed extracting oocytes from females killed
  206. Slithering towards extinction: Reptiles in trouble
  207. Amphibian study shows how biodiversity can protect against disease
  208. The amazing amphibians and reptiles of the Philippine island Luzon
  209. Tourists face health risks from contact with captive sea turtles
  210. DNA reveals mating patterns of critically endangered sea turtle
  211. Floridas Python Challenge Draws About 800 Hunters
  212. Global warming beneficial to ratsnakes
  213. Genetic matchmaking saves endangered frogs
  214. Around two queries a week to UK poisons service concern . . . snakebites
  215. Major source of evolutionary differences among species uncovered
  216. Dinosaur: First freshwater mosasaur discovered
  217. Prehistoric ghosts revealing new details: Synchrotron helps identify previo
  218. Frog-in-bucket-of-milk folklore leads to potential new antibiotics
  219. Cane toads can be stopped
  220. Asteroid that killed the dinosaurs also wiped out the 'Obamadon'
  221. From clawed spiders to deep-sea sharks: 137 new species described by Califo
  222. Rapid test to save lives of snakebite victims
  223. Travels in northeastern Brazil: Unfolding the reptile fauna of LenÁůis Mara
  224. A rather thin and long new snake crawls out of one of Earth's biodiversity
  225. Orsini's viper: Alternates between reproducing and growing, year-by-year
  226. Rapid changes in climate don't slow some lizards
  227. Vision stimulates courtship calls in the grey tree frog
  228. Fossils and genes brought together to piece together evolutionary history
  229. Huge deposit of Jurassic turtle remains found in China
  230. Climate change may alter amphibian evolution
  231. Unique sea snake found in museum
  232. Local wildlife is important in human diets in central Africa, experts say
  233. How flick knife thumbs help Japan's rare fighting frogs
  234. Extreme 'housework' cuts the life span of female Komodo dragons
  235. Soft-shelled turtles urinate through mouth
  236. Regenerated lizard tails are different from originals, researchers discover
  237. Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2012 awarded for discovery that matur
  238. River turtle species in Missouri still suffers from past harvesting, study
  239. New turtle tracking technique may aid efforts to save loggerhead
  240. Evolutionary history of lizards and snakes reconstructed using massive mole
  241. New snake species: List of animal species threatened by mining and deforest
  242. Young researcher on the trail of herbal snakebite antidote
  243. Researchers find our inner reptile hearts
  244. Snakes minus birds equals more spiders for Guam: Ecologists look for effect
  245. Surprises in evolution of frog life cycles
  246. Common antifungal drug decreases tumor growth and shows promise as cancer t
  247. Flexible snake armor could inspire abrasion-resistant materials
  248. Mysterious snake disease decoded
  249. Scientists discover new type of virus responsible for a devastating disease
  250. Florida state record 87 eggs in largest python from Everglades