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  86. Lighting
  87. I Need Help
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  95. WTH Just Happened
  96. Got My New Mega Ray Today, Still Says 100w on the Bulb.
  97. Light Guards
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  103. Has Anyone Had the Same Problem?
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  105. What Would Be Best
  106. Tube UVB
  107. Whats Best Replicates Daylight 5500k or 6500k?
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  130. Will This Bulb Work?
  131. MegaRay
  132. Inexpensive Heat Lamps
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  135. Megaray Never Came!
  136. Infrared Bulbs
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  140. Are the Mega Ray Halogen Flood Lamps the Same Lights at a Hardware Store?
  141. It Looks Like the Mega Rays Are Available Again!
  142. Shorting Out?
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  144. How Often Should a UVB Light Be Changed?
  145. Is This Okay?
  146. What Allows UV to Pass Through It?
  147. Anyone Need a 55 Gallon Light Fixture?
  148. Screen Tops and UVB
  149. Trouble with Thermostat or Bulb
  150. Megaray Fixture Inquiry
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  154. Adjustable Basking Lamp Rig.
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  158. Plexiglas
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  163. Fluorescent Dimmer
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  174. Creative Electricians, Lend Me Your Brains
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  177. What is the Difference
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  184. Self-ballasted
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  190. Good suppliers
  191. 1ST CWD Project
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  196. Incandescent Heat/Light
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  201. Just more ambient light
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  204. household bulb
  205. inside or outside
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  208. Black lights
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  210. Mvb?
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  213. Free Roamer Lighting
  214. Igs and red glass
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  217. How much UVB is enough
  218. 8% plus 2%
  219. Self ballastered MVBs ok to be set on dimmer switc
  220. snake lighting
  221. Crystal Lens Halogens Lights
  222. My MVB kicks butt
  223. Is my MVB working
  224. MVBs or florescents, once and for all
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  226. Heating lamp selection and wattage, please reply ASAP
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  236. Ok, so I've ordered a Slimline
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  238. Fluorescent Fixture