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    Apr 2004

    Question Newt Setups

    I wonder if anyone that keeps newts would mind posting pictures of there setups? and answer some questions for me. im trying to setup a nice redspotted newt tank i have the basic idea of what it should be but tips would be helpful
    are aqutic newts a sensitve to vibrations as my african clawed frog? he can only have an over the side filter to keep vibrations down.
    do i need an over the side for them? or will they be ok witha n in the tank filter?
    if i need an over teh side filter how do i keep the newts from escapeing by climbing the walls and leaving from where the filter is?
    for the land section i want to make a plexi glass shelf with a rim around it to hold the moss or soil so that it still has water underneath to give them more usable space, does that sound ok?

    will butting a deer antler in the water hurt them?

    any recomended live plants?

    or anything else you think i should know?
    any help or pictures would help alot
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    Well, had newts some time ago but they both escaped. 8( I had a beautiful crested (I loved him/her) and a subspecied of the red spotted one. In my tank I had something like the plexiglass idea you had and it worked pretty well. Here is a pic of my tank:

    I had a lucky bamboo there.
    I'll try to do this like you herpers do.... it's males.females.unknown, right? Well, here we go...

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    I've got tons of pics of my newts and their setup. I'll post them when I get home to my computer

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    North Dakota, USA
    Hmm, I'll have to dig through my pics and see if I've got any of my newt habitats. I personally don't use a filter. Unlike turtles, newts don't produce such huge am,ounts of waste. I just do a water change once a week. Like any herp, constant noise and vibration will stress them out. Just make sure the water's deep. cold, and dechlorinated. A small land area should be provided, but they usually spend most of their time in the water. Huts and moss make good hiding places for the land though. Be sure to put some plants in the water as well so they can crawl up them and hide in them.

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    Newt Setup

    http://www.reptiforum.com/gallery/da...es_049-med.jpg One of my newts stays out of the water a lot. It is a struggle to keep the water cool enough this time of year. That is why there is a water bottle in the tank. It was frozen about an hour ago.

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