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    Fire Bellied Newt with Mouth Problem, Please Help

    I have a young male fire bellied newt named Hercules with severe swelling in his mouth. Dunno whether it's an abscess of some kind or if it's his tongue, but there is something there causing huge trouble. I've only had him a few days, and he had this condition when I got him.

    I got him from a specialist reptile and amphibian shop who I trust greatly, they recieved him second-hand (not from a wholsesaler) and didn't notice his condition until afterward. I got him free because of his condition. He came with a female (also from the same previous owner) who seems to be in perfect health.

    The swelling is a kind of opaque gray colour, and is swollen enough that he can't fully close his mouth properly, and it's extremely noticeable just looking at him.
    He is active, but totally uninterested in food. I'm very worried and don't know how to treat him, as I'm not even sure what's causing this or what it is. I've included pictures. Any suggestions?
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    Re: Fire Bellied Newt with Mouth Problem, Please Help

    I dont know dude all i would know is to take him to a herp vet other than that there is not much you could do
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    Re: Fire Bellied Newt with Mouth Problem, Please Help

    it looks like some sort of abscess. Only a herp vet would really know.
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