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    We Returned the Salamander Back to Woods

    Yesterday I posted that I found a yellow spotted salamander on a trail. We brought him home and set up an aquarium for him. After rethinking and calling a couple of reptile experts we decided it was in the salamander's best interest to take him/her back to the trail and put him/her under a log with leaves covering it. Sometimes these salamanders get confused and reemerge after a thaw out and heavy rain which we had in our area. They mate as early as February and try to go to their ponds. We felt bad to take him/her out of the environment. We just did not know much about salamanders and seeing one in cold weather on the trail - well, we thought we were doing a good thing to bring it inside. I am hoping it will be ok but I have a feeling that it is smarter than we all think. He was a pretty big salamander and has had to have been around for a long time. Good luck buddy!

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    Re: We Returned the Salamander Back to Woods

    I'm glad to hear that he was returned to the woods! It was a learning experience for you too, maybe you can go back in the spring and see if you can spot him!
    My parents have a gopher snake that lives in their garden and we see him every year.
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    Re: We Returned the Salamander Back to Woods

    I also agree that you made the best decision. These guys have been dealing with winter conditions for thousands of years. He'll be just fine.
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    Re: We Returned the Salamander Back to Woods

    Glad he is back home. It is best to leave wild things wild. If you are still interested in amphibians, you can find captive bred ones in pet stores, reptile shows, or through breeders.
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