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    Today We Found Yellow Spotted Salamander

    Today while walking on a trail in Perry Hall Maryland we found a yellow spotted salamander. He was just sitting there and not moving and looked very cold. We took him home and set up the aquarium with moss, dirt, water, logs, a light and put a few small crickets inside.

    It snowed very heavy last week and rained for the past few days and it melted all the snow and the temperature was up to 45 degrees today. Why would he be out from hibernation? did we do wrong taking him out of his enviroment. We have plans to return him in the Spring if he makes it. He seems very healthy and is very big. He seems fine in the aquarium - moving around a lot.

    I just could not leave him there in the cold .

    Any hints or suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Re: Today We Found Yellow Spotted Salamander

    Hope your Salamander made it, I fed mine flies. Then in the winter I bought the dried kind, he lived a long time that way.

    Sorry to be late, I just got here.

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