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    Fire Belly Newt Enclosure?

    I really want one of these guys,but what do I need?Please help me!Ideas?Pictures?Do they have toxins?Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Fire Belly Newt Enclosure?


    Fire Bellied Newts make great pets as I'm sure you recognise since you want one so much!

    This type of set up combines terrestrial and aquatic elements. A land area where the newt can bask with a transition to an aquatic area which can be quite deep is provided. The land area can be set up simply by piling gravel and moss above the water level, but it is easier in the long term to separate the land and water areas with a piece of plastic or plexiglass placed across the aquarium and sealed with aquarium grade silicone sealant.

    It is important to make sure there is an easy transition from the water to land to allow the newt to crawl out. A dense piece of wood (e.g. ironwood, coralwood, monkeywood) can be placed part in the water and partly on land to provide the transition, and this also provides a nice basking spot. Alternately, gravel can be sloped in the aquatic side to provide a ramp out of the water. In the aquatic portion, the gravel should be large enough not to be swallowed, and should also be rounded and smooth to prevent skin damage.

    A secure cover should be provided as some salamanders and newts can climb surprisingly well.

    They feed on bloodworm, brine shrimp and earthworm can be eaten.

    As for toxins... In a nutshell, fire bellied newts aren't nearly as toxic as some other newts (such as the rough skinned newt), but they do produce a toxin that is very irritating and can be toxic at sufficient levels. Many newt species have been found to produce this tetrodotoxin, at varying levels. Despite the presence of this skin toxin, however, fire bellied newts are quite safe and unlikely to cause you problems as long as you take a few simple precautions.

    These precautions are:

    Always wash your hands immediately after handling your newts or putting your hands in their tank.

    Do not touch newts (or their water) if you have open cuts or sores on your hands.

    Be very careful not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth while handling newts or their equipment or water until you have thoroughly washed your hands.

    Keep newts away from your mouth and eyes and don't eat them!
    Carefully supervise children around newts.

    Well I hoped I helped and id love to hear feedback and your reply on this.

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    Re: Fire Belly Newt Enclosure?

    Fire Bellied Newts also prefer cooler water in the 68-70 degree range. I typically cool the water by filling up a plastic water bottle from the newt's aquarium and placing it in the freezer and then floating it until the water is at the desired temp. 1/3 land to 2/3 water is a good ratio for FBNs. They do prefer water 6+ inches deep. No special lighting is needed, low wattage CFL bulbs are better though as they produce less heat typically. I keep my 1 in a 10 gallon tank, though I plan to add at least 2 more after upgrading to hopefully a 40 gallon +. It is common to read that 3-4 can be housed in a 20 gallon. I feed my FBN the aquatic sticks (which he hesitantly eats) and Bloodworms (which he voraciously devours). I have also watched my FBN eat some of the aquatic snails that rode in on the live plants in his aquarium. A screen top is best as it allows ample airflow to keep tank temps cooler than fully covered. Make sure your gravel is large enough that your FBN doesn't ingest it as it will likely kill the newt. You may occasionally see the newt nibble on the live plants as well, if you observe this too much, replace the live plants with fake ones, as eating too much live plant matter can cause bloat.

    If you have any other questions, shoot away.

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