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    Crested Gecko

    I think the next reptile I want is a crested gecko. I won't get one until I graduate which is another year or so but I would like to get a better idea for them. What would be the perfrect set up and what not. I read our caresheet on here so I get the basic needs. To any one that owns one...Do you OR can you handle them a lot? And what does your set up look like? If I were to order one over internet (more toward summer/not to cold not to hot) where do you suggest I order one from? Don't worry to any one who thinks I am getting in over my head I am not getting one of these untill I am 100%%% sure I want it and it won't be for another year or so.

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    Re: Crested Gecko

    This right here is a great set up...I think there is a link somewhere as to the steps she took.

    Crestie Tank: Reptile Photos - Image Gallery

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    Re: Crested Gecko

    Hey! I recognize that tank!!

    Here is the thread that I used to do the step by step.
    Crested Gecko Tank

    I am actually currently working on a new enclosure for him. The current tank is a 25gal and I would be willing to bet that his new one would be equivalent to 75-100gal... That much space is not necessary, but I also just keep feeling like he doesn't have enough space in the 25. Especially not height.
    Making a New Home for Skif

    Handling - some do better than others with handling. I take Skif out about once a week or so and hold him usually no longer than 20-30 minutes.

    You probably want to go back to your reptile show to pick one out, that way you get to handle it and can get a better idea of it's personality.
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