Product Description

With 250 color photographs, Rhacodactylus is the most complete photographic and husbandry reference on crested geckos, gargoyle geckos, giant geckos, and other members of the genus. The three authors were pioneers in establishing these popular lizards in U.S. herpetoculture.

About the Author

With more than a million books in print, Philippe de Vosjoli is the best-selling author of the Advanced Vivarium Systems series of reptile care books published by Fancy Publications. He was the co-founder of the ground-breaking magazine, the Vivarium.
Frank Fast is an expert on Rhacodactylus and the co-authored of many articles on these lizards. His work in the field led to the discovery of several new distribution locations and morphs of giant geckos.

Allen Repashy is co-owner of Sandfire Dragon Ranch and maintains the largest captive colony of Rhacodactylus in the world. He is a renowned authority on their husbandry, and responsible for developing the widely sold T-Rex formulated diets for maintaining these geckos.