Drip Watering System Drip Watering System
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Drip Watering System

by Marvin Caskey
Certain species of reptile will not drink from standing water. This means that the use of a water bowl isn't a practical solution for maintaining hydration. In such cases, we are forced to come up with more natural means of supplying water to these animals. Many people choose to spray the enclosure of the reptile several times per day in order to ensure they can lick the collected water from their enclosure decor. I have chosen to use a natural means of supplying this water through a drip system and this is how I created it.

Drip Watering System

All you need is a plastic drinking water bottle with the cap, which most of us have a few laying around. You will also need a length of aquarium airline tubing as well as an air regulator valve from the aquarium dept.
I purchased the multi-pack since that was all that they had available.

Drip Watering System

The white piece is the regulator valve and the clear one is a "Y" splitter.
The splitter has a couple of possible uses that I will get to in a minute.

Drip Watering System

Using a dremel I drilled two 1/8 inch holes in the bottle cap and then enlarged one hole to approximately 3/16 inch. It is just big enough to permit the airline tube to pass through but tight enough to hold it snugly. The other hole is a vacuum release. If you don't have it, the water will eventually stop dripping due to vacuum pressure in the bottle.

Reptile Watering System

Run the tubing through the lid and make sure it is long enough to reach the bottom of the bottle.

Chameleon Watering System

Anole Watering System

On the other end of the tube, place the air regulator and then a second piece leading to the "Y" splitter.

Lizard Watering System

Fill the bottle and while holding your finger over the small hole, turn it upside down to start the flow of water through the tubing. You will have to have the air regulator in the open position to vent the air out and let it fill with water. It's a good idea to do this over the sink, or a bowl, to avoid a water spill.
Set the bottle on top of the cage and place the "Y" splitter where you want your drip.

Drip Watering System

Here is where the "Y" splitter comes in handy.
The end of it is just big enough to poke through the 1/4 inch mesh I use for a top and gives total accuracy as to where the drip falls. I have achieved flow rates as slow as a single drop every 2 minutes.
If you wish you can turn the flow rate up to where it will drip in two places coming out of both ends.
Of course you could do without the splitter and just run the tubing into the cage.

I chose plastic components since there will be water in it and I didn't want to have to worry about a metal valve corroding.
All in all I have about 6-7 dollars invested in the project but I have enough components to make at least 2-3 drippers.
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Drip Watering System

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