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    All Living Things Dial Hygrometer

    I had to go to Petsmart to get a hygrometer and there were not digital ones. I picked up an All Living Things brand dial hygrometer you stick on the side of the enclosure? Are these things reliable? I haven't opened it and put it in the cage yet.

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    Re: All Living Things Dial Hygrometer

    Nope, return it and get a refund or a credit for some feeders.

    The next step is on your way home stop at a hardware store or any chain that has a garden center and you can probably find a combo digital thermometer/hygrometer that will track highs and lows for a good price.
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    Re: All Living Things Dial Hygrometer

    Ditto the above mentioned post.....My exo-terra enclosure had the "dial hygrometer" in it when I purchased it from a friend....I never removed it, but put in my own digital thermometer/hygrometer combo...and I notice that the dial one doesn't come even close to the digital one.

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    Re: All Living Things Dial Hygrometer

    The problem with the dials is that they work by means of a metal spring that expands and contracts. As the metal stresses or corrodes the accuracy changes.
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