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Potty Training Savannah Monitor?

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    Potty Training Savannah Monitor?

    i have a four year old male savannah monitor, Zilla Beastman, that i adopted off of a friend. he has free roam of my room, the pantry (where his "bedroom" is, part coconut bark substrate, part towels, part lamps)
    Zilla roams around occasionally, and goes in his bedroom on/off (presumably to keep warm)

    his previous owner, brian, claimed he is already potty trained to do his business in just one spot. his bathroom was previously behind brian's bedroom door.

    now that he has moved in with me, Zilla cant seem to find one spot to go in. he hasn't soiled his water dish, but has since gone 6x all in different areas of the kitchen, bathroom, everywhere but my room and his room. and that's just in the past three days.

    i have pee pads, but how can i get him to poop and pee on them? ive put them in almost every spot he has defecated on, except the bathroom because that's our human poo-space.
    ive since decided to close Zilla off to just my room and his room, with a pee pad in between. any suggestions would be helpful

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    Re: Potty Training Savannah Monitor?

    Please read the links provided above- they contain all the information you'll need.
    Allowing your monitor to free-roam is detrimental to it's health, despite what the previous owner did. These guys need a moderate humidity and deep substrate, both of which cannot be provided inside a house.
    This will also solve your potty issues as he'll be going inside his enclosure .
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    Re: Potty Training Savannah Monitor?

    I concur with what has already been said. Monitor lizards NEED to be contained in a tropical climate enclosure.

    Free roaming is lethal to them over the long term.

    Why incorrect caging kills monitors

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