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    Re: Burrowing

    I was under the impression that wild Savannahs don't make their own burrows, but steal those made by Brachytrupes spp. (the crickets that make up a large part of the diet in the wild). I thought that they expanded on these burrows, and only really dug to create incubation chambers for egg laying.

    I thought that we were supposed to make their burrows for them. I made both of my sav's burrows. I use a 70/30 organic soil/washed play sand combination for substrate. It makes awesome burrows. The top inch of soil bakes and hardens and the burrows hold up to virtually everything. I made her first burrow by taking a water bottle and cramming it into a pit, then packing mud around it. I let it dry then removed the water bottle. It was about 6 inches deep at the start, and she's made it deeper and has dug various connecting tunnels. She's shaped it so it's no longer round, but sort of elliptical, and she barely fits into it. But I've heard they like tiny spaces...
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    Re: Burrowing

    You heard correctly, They do seek out cricket burrows and take over.

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