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Nov 16, 2012
Nov 7, 2012
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Nov 16, 2012
    1. Rich
      Had you read the entire thread, which "read the thread" means (otherwise I would have said "read what suits you") you would have known that his animal passed. So no, you didn't read the thread since you clearly didn't read that his animal had passed. I didn't post this to argue with you. My brain works well enough that I saw you post telling him to give the animal time to adjust when he already posted it had died. That says, without question, you didn't read the thread. You may have read a few of the posts but you DIDN'T read the whole thread. Is that clear enough for you? Do you still wish to tell me you read the thread even though your own posts dictates you didn't? I love how people like you simply can't be wrong and feel the need to argue things as simple as a request to read the thread before responding. Everyone else who responded knew the animal had passed because they took the time to read the thread. Do you have any questions or did I clear this up for you?
    2. Rich
      Please read the thread before responding. How do you expect to offer quality advice when you yourself haven't even taken the time to read the read before responding? seems a little silly doesn't it? I went ahead and deleted your response in the dead Nile monitor thread.
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    My Interests:
    Any reptile or any crested gecko morphs, also anything aboreal, I speacialize in vivariums. Going to start a dart frog breeding project soon!
    Reptile Wishlist:
    Aboreal alligator lizard
    Favorite Reptile:
    Western hognose, superconda) moon glow crested