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    Mountain Horned Dragon Not Eating

    i just got a new mountain horned dragon from a coworker and I need some help.
    He is not eating since i got him home - its been a week and a half.
    He has since eaten 1 cricket - no worms or anymore crickets.

    Please advise!

    Thank you

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    Re: Mountain Horned Dragon Not Eating

    Before any real adive can be given it is important that you give us a thurough rundown of how the dragon is being housed.

    Size and type of enclosure, substrate, furnishings, temperatures (and your method of measuring temps), humidity, age and size of the lizard, size of feeders etc.The more info you can give on how you're keeping him the better.

    Oh, and welcome to herpcenter!

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    Re: Mountain Horned Dragon Not Eating

    Welcome to HerpCenter! Please give us a run down of how you are keeping this MHD! They can be very particular!

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