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    Advice for a New Pet...

    I'm currently thinking about getting a new reptilian pet, but I'm not entirely sure what kind would best suit me. I had a bearded dragon for several years that was like a child to me, but I recently had to have him put down. I would love to have another Bearded Dragon, but I think it would be too painful for me right now. I'm almost in tears as it is, just thinking about my little baby boy. That said, I can't picture myself going for the extended period of time that would be necessary for me to heal from my recent loss without another reptile around the place.

    Basically, I'm just looking for someone to throw some potentials my way. I've owned several different herps over the years, so I'm open to animals that are beyond beginning level. I can accommodate either a larger animal or a small one, however climate is a bit of an issue (I live in dry, dry Las Vegas). I'm willing (and planning) to perform extensive research before I buy. I'd rather look into lizards rather than snakes, but the biggest thing I'm looking for right now is something that would enjoy to be handled. Any suggestions are appreciated. =)

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    Re: Advice for a New Pet...

    Blue tongue Skinks are really cool and don't mind being handled. They are, from what I have researched, pretty simple lizards to take care of.
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    Re: Advice for a New Pet...

    Leopard Geckos would be a good idea.
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    Re: Advice for a New Pet...

    I would look at a ball python I know you said no snakes but if you like handling they love to handled I have had snakes my whole life and they are just the sweetest little guys! I will do every thing with my red tail around my sholders. But I'm a total snake guy.

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    Re: Advice for a New Pet...

    A crested gecko too might be a good option. They do need humidity, but nothing a little light misting once a day in a tank can't handle.
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    Re: Advice for a New Pet...

    How about a species of Tortoise that thrive in the dry desert climate! Perfect for your area.

    By the way, welcome aboard!
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    Re: Advice for a New Pet...

    I also would recommend a Leopard Gecko. They are easy to handle, don't require UVB and come in many gorgeous morphs.

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    Re: Advice for a New Pet...

    you should get a savnnah moniter.

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    Jan 2009

    Re: Advice for a New Pet...

    I would say an iguana or seriously reconsider getting another Bearded Dragon. I understand your pain but not many reptiles are good to handle. Having a new baby will take the edge off your loss but you will always miss your lost baby regardless of what you get.

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    Re: Advice for a New Pet...

    Iguana's are a huge commitment much larger than a Bearded Dragon (I know some will disagree with this) they need a much larger cage and a lot of humidity and heat and it take a LONNNNNNNNNNNNNNG time to tame them.
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