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    Post Almost Extinct Turtle Discovered Living In Wild In Northern Vietnam

    A critically endangered turtle that previously was thought to be extinct in the wild has been discovered in northern Vietnam. Experts confirmed that they have identified the only known living specimen of a Swinhoe's soft-shell turtle (Rafetus swinhoei) in nature.

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    Use this thread to discuss the article above. What are your thoughts about Almost Extinct Turtle Discovered Living In Wild In Northern Vietnam?

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    Re: Almost Extinct Turtle Discovered Living In Wil

    That is terribly sad. Even if there are a few more overlooked in the wild, there's certainly not enough to keep the species going for long. One, maybe two generations before they begin in-breeding?

    It's a real tragedy that people have hunted them to all but extinction. As with other species, it's something that we'll never be able to get back.
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    "Let's eat Grandpa!"

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    Re: Almost Extinct Turtle Discovered Living In Wil

    At least there are still some in the wild. It is sad though. Maybe we can try to undo our mistakes.
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    Re: Almost Extinct Turtle Discovered Living In Wil

    I read this on msn.com. I was going to post it lol, but now I don't have to lol.

    It is sad that this species most likely won't live long enough to substaine itself, if that makes sense?
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