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    Question Leo sense of smell?

    How good is a leopard gecko's sense of smell? I just got the worm containers out and I always let them sit for a few minutes after taking them out of the fridge and Camille is now dancing around sniffing the air. Can she smell them or does she want to enroll in Julliard?
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    I guess its pretty good. Pand0ra's leo also seems to recognize the smell of din din. She feeds hers canned crickets. I've never seen a picture of a leo's brain, but if I did it would be neat to see how big the olfactory bulbs are.

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    I would imagine their sense of smell is pretty good. I have one leopard gecko that is very interesting. I've had her since she was a little hatchling (is about 3 years old now) and she hates me! I'll just look at her tank or start to walk in the direction of her tank and she will "sense" or smell me and start wiggling her tail and heap into the air while trying to bite me. Anyone else comes up to her tank and she's very nice and will even get onto their hand waiting to come out! But me....she's ready to kill me! hehe Kind of peculiar, but I still love her anyway

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    Mine seem to be able to distinguish odor. If I place waxworms in the dish they come out of there hides and chow down. If I use mealworms they won't show a peep nor will they eat them. I always assumed they could smell the difference.

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