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    My Leopard Gecko is Hissing


    My Baby Leo is Hissing-HELP!

    I am new to the reptile world. We have a 2 month old Leopard Gecko named Mango!

    The first couple of days were great, but he is now starting to hiss (or squeal) when we try to handle him. I don't want him to lose his tail and I am a bit afraid of him right now.

    We are very gentle, but he doesn't want anything to do with us.

    Is this common? Any advice would be great!!!!

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    Re: My Leopard Gecko is Hissing

    How long have you had him?

    He's very young, and probably having new home adjustment issues. It's a good idea for the first few weeks of bringing the reptile home to put his cage in a a quiet, secluded area of your home, and not try to handle him.

    Changes of any kind tend to stress out a reptile, and one that young will be especially afraid that you're going to eat him. Once he begins to feel safe in his new environment, he'll be less likely to freak out when you touch him. Just make sure he has food, the right temperature and humidity and a good place to hide.

    After a couple of weeks pass, start to hold him a little each day. As he realizes that he's also going to be safe when you're holding him, he will calm down.

    It's a process every reptile goes through, so don't worry. He may not eat that well at first either, but that will also be solved when he feels he is totally safe in his little world.
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    Re: My Leopard Gecko is Hissing


    I feel you! When I first got Sunshine I was so terrified I was going to make her drop her tail LOL! She was just so tiny and afraid =)

    I have a suggestion. I agree with Typhanie about leaving her alone to adjust =) for a little while...try just laying your hand in and still so she realizes you are not there to hurt her...then when she seems more relaxed with your hand in her tank...try moving closer and slow and then pet ehr gently. It will take time cause they are so scared when they are small =) Eventually she will reconize you and love you! My Sunshine now WANTS to be held and and petted! Try thinking like a small tiny scared baby suddenly moved to a new home..it takes time to adjust. I know she will trust you if you take it slowly and let her get used to you.

    Leopard Geckos are so great! I love Sunshine so much she is so funny and and loving! Good luck with your new baby Mango!

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    Re: My Leopard Gecko is Hissing

    Ya, the hissing is probably an indicator of some stress (as previously stated). I wouldn't be afraid of him though, I've been bit by my newly rescued (as of 3.5 weeks ago) 7 year-old Leo and trust me, it doesn't hurt at all.

    Just leave him alone for a while and make sure he has lots of available food (ie. mealworms, 2 week-old crickets, small butterworms), fresh water every day or 2, and a dish with calcium powder w/ vitamin D3 in it (RepCal w/ Vitamin D3" is a good choice; it's in a small pink plastic container).

    He should be fine.
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    Re: My Leopard Gecko is Hissing

    my leopard g text does this. but only if we move her to a different place when handling. its like shes complaining to us that she wants to do her own thing. but yes they are great pets and so placid the more you handle the tamer they become

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    Re: My Leopard Gecko is Hissing

    I just noticed that mine did this after months of having her. She made a hiss like sound at me. Then just the other day my daughter was handling her and clearly the leo was not happy with my daughter and actually made a loud chattering sound almost like a squirrel would make. She wasn't be handled roughly or anything I believe she was just frightened for some reason. The leo clearly prefers when I handle her over anyone else. I guess they love the person who feeds them most!

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