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    Albino & Pixie Frog Questions...

    So i have had my albino blood vein pac man for quite a bit and also just purchased a beautiful pixie frog. 1st question that i have is how to make my pac man more active i know they are not active but it seems that she (Oprah) does not wanna move unless its time to feed i know it might be normal just figured that id ask 2nd i have a ton of questions for BIG Mama my pixie frog. I got her about a week and a half ago she seems to love her new enviornment that i made for her but when i try to find a care sheet for her i cant find one. She is a pixie but i am pretty sure she is a dwarf i need some advise i bought her from the local pet store and they had her named as a pixie the guy said that she will get huge I dont know about that i bought her cause shes a beaut. What i am thinking is that the guy down at the store thought she was a GIANT african pixie frog which i know she is not but then again... If someone could find me a care sheet it will be greatly appreaciated and also i am new to this site so if you could tell meh a little secret or 2 that would be wicked awsome Thanks guys

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    Re: Albino & Pixie Frog Questions...

    Pacman. They don't move. Period. Mine stays buried months at a time. That's just how they are.


    Here is a really simple rundown of my setup. (notice, I don't have this frog any more, I adopted him out)

    40 gallon breeder filled with a mixture of coco-husk and organic potting soil. Cat pan for a water dish. Aquarium background on 3 sides.

    Humidity stays around 70 - 80%. I have my hot end heated with a Ceramic Heat Emitter and a thermostat set at 85. The cool end is usually around 79. No special lighting is needed, but they do need a photo period.

    Voracious eater. Mice should only be offered twice a month. Other items to feed are any insect. Large crickets, roaches, nightcrawlers, superworms, as well as fresh water shrimp.

    I'm not sure how old yours is. Babies should be fed every day. At a year you can cut that back to every other day, and you will be able to tell when to cut back even more. I'm on an every 3 day schedule.

    These guys get big and fat and can be mean. Henry now weighs over 1.5 lbs and will get bigger still. They are kinda boring. He spends the winter months buried and sleeping. I lower the temp to 75 when he goes under for his nap, and raise it a few months later back to 85. Most of the time when he is awake, he digs himself a hole and sits in it. After a big meal, he'll bury a few days to digest. Some days he sits in his water and won't come out, then there will be weeks he never gets in it except to poop. He ALWAYS poops in his water.
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