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    can anyone suggest a good tong to use when feeding Rose. It needs to be long, strong, Not Sharp and easy to use. Although Rose is getting very peppy she will not hunt her own crickets. I am also hoping that if she likes the tongs then I could feed her dead mice instead of live. Rose is doing very well she is full of **** and vinager. She tries to eat my hand every time I change her pool water. I have to put a barrier between her and my hand now. Its very cute. When we first got her you could have poked her till the cows came home she just did not have any will to live. Now she tries to eat my youngest daughter when I clean out her aquarium. (Rose sits in a critter keeper during cleaning time) Thanks for your help Jackie

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    Re: tongs

    They sell all sorts of feeder tongs at most petstores in the reptile section. look for long and plastic.
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    Re: tongs

    I use these weird mettle tongs... the peice you hold the cricket with is like a small round peice of mettle rod, bent into a triangle there isnt any sharp points and I buy them at my local dollar store or bamboo tongs work well

    This is kind of what they look like but I love them for all my critter feeding needs
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    Re: tongs

    I use rubber tipped forceps that I buy through my work, I tried to find a website to refer you to, but all that the search term 'rubber tipped forceps' brought up was sex sites. Be warned if you are going to look for them online, i'd try a medical supply store first.
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    Re: tongs

    You can also check places that sell discount tools or flea markets. There is usually an area with cheap hemostats. I have a pair that are about a foot long and rounded on the end. I have been told that they were used for peircing TONGUES!
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