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    Oct 2004

    Exclamation Necropsy photos (not for weak stomachs)

    We were able to watch and photograph Talyn's necropsy and the story and images became an article on HC! This post can be used to discuss the Snake Necropsy. The Necropsy can be found here:

    Snake Necropsy

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    Sep 2006
    oh thats so sad. too bad that you couldn't have saved her before she died. at least you know wut killed her. sorry about ur loss
    Chris Kerr.

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    Kittes are so nice! MoogleBass's Avatar
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    Muncie, IN
    Great pics, seen a burm on another forum, very eductional.
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    Andrea, hindsight is always wonderfully 20/20!
    There was nothing you could have done since there was no sign that there was anything wrong.
    What's Life Without A Little Magic!

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    Cumming, GA
    thanks for the pics, the only necropsies i ever get to sit in on are stray cats we get in from the humane society that die on us. This was a special treat. My condolances to you on your loss but hopefully others will be able to learn from this.

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    Elite Member Cali's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    North East England
    Im so sorry about talyn! i think we all felt for talyn after all the updates over the past couple of months and i think i speak on behalf of many here that we will all miss updates on talyn in the future! again my thoughts are with you and im sorry for your loss.

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    Subscribed User Moshpitrockchick's Avatar
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    Dec 2004
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    Thankyou for the educational pictures, i'm sure it was hard for you to sit through. I don't even like doing necropsies on animals that weren't mine.
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    Jun 2006
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    Wow, lovely pictures. Well done! I was able to sit in on a human disection at one time and tried to take some pictures... they were pretty pathetic. I'm jealous.

    And I am so sorry for your loss. Sometimes knowing what happened can almost be harder, since it raises so many more questions about what could have been done. Sounds like you guys have taken amazing care of her. And I am so glad she did not suffer... there is nothing worse than experiencing pain through your animal.

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    Apr 2006
    oh my gosh Andrea.. I've been MIA for a while and I come back to this!
    That's terrible I'm so sorry for your loss! But as everyone has said there was nothing you could do. I will miss seeing her amazing pictures on here.. she was beautiful!
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    I haven't been on the forum enough obviously because I didn't see that she died. I'm so sorry Andrea!!! I know you loved Talyn very much. I hope that my female doesn't have to go through the same problem that she did and I have learned something from this post..possibly something that could save my snake's life so thank you for posting these pics.
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