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    Should Reptile Rescues work with Reptile Breeders?

    Hey guys,
    Someone just posed this question on our rescue's website forum and I thought it was a great topic for a larger group discussion. So what do you think?

    Should Reptile Rescues work with Reptile Breeders?

    Our rescue does not provide adoptions for breeding. Partially for our own reasons, and partially because some of the groups we're affiliated with have strict shelter/breeding guidelines.

    That said, just because we don't provide adoptions for breeding doesn't mean we won't provide adoptions for breeders. The fact is that successful breeders generally have a good understanding of proper care for their reptiles - if they didn't know what they were doing they'd be unlikely to hatch anything. So our rescue doesn't mind working with responsible reptile keepers who do some breeding . . . as long as they have the understanding that they may not breed the herps they adopt from us.

    Anyone else want to tackle this question? I think there are probably some great viewpoints on the subject.
    Jesse Rothacker
    Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary

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    I dunno Jesse.

    It's like asking a bird to sleep with a cat. LOL Or asking the weasel to sleep in the hen-house but not touch any of the hens! LOL Rescue organizations and Breeders (reputable or not) are on opposite sides of the spectrum.

    IMO no matter how responsible the breeder, by their very nature they help add to the Rescue organizations problem, whether intentionally or not.

    And how can you be sure that a breeder is not breeding a reptile that was adopted from you? Why else would a breeder increase stock through acquisition other than to increase stock through breeding of the acquisition?

    Good question but my vote is not to offer breeders any assistance.
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