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    need care sheet for white spot gecko!

    Just acquired a Tarentola Annularis (whit spot gecko) and need a care sheet for him. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I don't have a caresheet but that beast can live pairingly in a 20 gallon enclosure.

    Kept mine in a rock faced enclosure with a lot of cevices to hide in as well as a few plants just to pretty up the enclosure amd added more hide spots. I kept the enclosure around 80 degrees with a basking of 85, though they rarely used it directly, but seemed to hide around the area alot. At night I kept the temps around 70-75 degrees, or so. Feeding is basically any insect that isn't toxic to other herps, remember variety though. I misted the enclosure every morning for them to drink because I couldn't get them to drink out of a bowl, just remember not to soak the enclosure to have a lingering amount of humidity.

    Basically, they're a breeze to keep.
    Good luck.

    For something more specific, try the latin in Google.com, rarely fails.


    Zane Neher.

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