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    Post Breeding Iguanas

    What do i need to know on how to breed iguanas? I plan to breed in the future now anytime soon, I just wanna know for when i do so please help.

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    Re: Breeding Iguanas

    Why on earth would you want to? You can't sell them and compete with the cheap prices on imports which come in by the thousands.
    The shelters are full of iguanas that noone wants.
    Besides, breeding them is hazardous. There have been many cases where one of the pair actually killed the other.
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    Re: Breeding Iguanas

    Breeding them is not a good idea... There are so many unwanted igs, you really shouldn't try to add more to the problem.

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    Re: Breeding Iguanas

    I have to agree with Merlin & MollyJ.

    Its really not a good idea, plus all the things it intails of breeding & raising eggs its very difficult to say the least. sorry

    Nat & LaLA

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