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    Do Ratsnakes Eat Toads?

    I'm curious whether or not wild ratsnakes eat common toads. Could someone give me a definitive answer... google isn't helping as much as I would like it to.
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    Re: Do Ratsnakes Eat Toads?

    I'm not sure, I know some snakes eat toads.. My guess would be they might, if there is limited food. When you gotta eat, you can't be too picky!

    But I could be wrong!

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    Re: Do Ratsnakes Eat Toads?

    As a juvenile a rat snake may feed on toads or lizards but as they mature quicly change to their main diet which is rodents, but they will also feed on birds and their eggs and also chicken eggs which is why here in the south they are sometimes refered to as a "chicken snake". I know, you can't do anything with us southerners.

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    Frog Lover schlegelbagel's Avatar
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    Re: Do Ratsnakes Eat Toads?

    Many toads secrete "bad tastes" out of their glands, therefore being un-appetizing to snakes. Frogs would be a much better choice.
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    Re: Do Ratsnakes Eat Toads?

    I agree with schlegelbagel, and even then frogs are only an occasional meal from what I have learned in my studies.

    Most snakes that commonly feed on toads are rear fanged, such as Hognose and Garter snakes. This gives them the ability to deflate toads, as they bloat as a defense. They also have an immunity to the toxins toads secrete.
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