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    Herpetology Courses & Colleges

    What college has the best herpetology courses? I'm looking for long term, PhD or higher, with lots of lab work and hands-on experience. I've done a little bit of research but nothing stands out to me. Thanks in advanced!

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    Re: Herpetology Courses & Colleges

    Not Grand Valley, that is where I am now. I am thinking about transferring to Michigan State because they have a good vet program, but really herp classes are hard to come by. The only really good place I have found would be in Florida somewhere.

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    Re: Herpetology Courses & Colleges

    SUNY Oswego has an excellent Zoology program. They have specialty courses for herpetology, as far as I know. If herpetology is your thing, than a Zoology degree may be your best bet. Oswego Zoology

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    Re: Herpetology Courses & Colleges

    I have not looked into the colleges here enough to offer advice on them.
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    Re: Herpetology Courses & Colleges

    Your best option would be to get a degree in zoology and study reptiles as a specialty, that's what most herpetologists are. I hear the University Florida in Gainsville had a good zoology program and some herpetology classes.
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