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    DIY 4ft X 2ft X 5ft with Stand

    I am building a custom enclosure, and I have everything layer out already. Soon I will be getting the glass and everything. I have the bottom, back, and sides made out of plywood. I was wondering if you guys could suggest ideas on the top. I heard about people putting the lights inside the enclosure, but I have heard that is bad to do.
    Please, if you could suggest ideas that would be awesome!! Thanks

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    Re: DIY 4ft X 2ft X 5ft with Stand

    What are you planning on housing? As far as electrical is concerned, there is nothing wrong with mounting it inside the enclosure itself as long as the electrical system is up to code.

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    Re: DIY 4ft X 2ft X 5ft with Stand

    A Chinese Water Dragon I guess if I enclose the top with wood and had sliding glass doors, just on tracks it would get good ventilation and stuff right? If I didn't seal the glass and stuff. Have you heard of people drilling holes in the wood for ventilation?

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    Re: DIY 4ft X 2ft X 5ft with Stand

    For a Chinese Water Dragon it would be best to go abtleast 6ft tall. Also keep in mind you will need a fairly large water area so it either needs to be put directl on the floor or it needs to have a very well reinforced stand. An all wood ceiling would be best to help maintain proper heat and humidity.
    My newest Chinese Water Dragon cage has no ventilation holes or even gaps between the sliding doors. The only airflow it has is when i get into the cage and the slight gaps around the two side doors.

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