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    Exclamation Leopard Gecko Eating but Not Pooping????

    okay so i got my leopard geckos to eat now their eating like 12 cricket a day and it pass 6 day so far and one of them poop and hoping he will poop their again but he never poop after that and the other one haven't poop ever since he i bring him home i keep them on paper towel and the hot side in like in the 80-95 the cool side is in the 72 also i notice brown stain on the paper towel is it possible that their eating there own poop

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    Re: Leopard Gecko Eating but Not Pooping????

    What's the floor temp on the hot side?
    Are you dusting the crickets with calcium with D3 and a once a week multivitamin?
    How long do you leave the crickets in the enclosure before removing them?

    I wouldn't think the geckos are eating their own feces, unless they are severely lacking vitamins or nutrients. More than likely, if you are dumping crickets in before checking, the crickets are eating it.

    As for lack of bowel movements in the first place, it could be due to insufficient belly heat. It could be due to dehydration, so make sure they always have a clean bowl of water. It could be due to impaction from too large of prey - what size are you feeding? However, the impaction risk is low if you have proper temps and your gecko is sufficiently hydrated.
    ~ Cassi

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