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    Question Mediterranean Gecko Help

    My husband found a gecko in the winter time last year. And he just found another around a house they were tearing down and I found one most recent in a restroom at the store which was a baby (juvenile) gecko. I have identified all 3 as mediterranian house geckos and the one we have had for a yr now has done great. Feeding it crickets and mealworms and the newest one that is a tad bit bigger than the first has adapted just fine BUT it's the baby one I'm concerned about. It is doing great in the tank and is very active but finding what it will eat that is small enough I have seen him eat a small fruit fly that I caught and he is pretty smart he ate the fly and wiped the wings off his mouth onto the hollow log sure not to eat those. But they don't eat anything that won't move so dried flies have not been touched and cutting mealworms to his size only move for awhile. Any ideas on what food to feed him his head is the size of a fruit fly very tiny?????

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    Re: Mediterranean Gecko Help

    Hello. I moved this into its own thread lest it be overlooked.
    Your house gecko should be able to take pinhead crickets.
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