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Discoloration Near Head

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    Discoloration Near Head


    I've had this little girl for almost a year (I got her in May 2012, and she was a couple of weeks old). She's ghost colored.

    She's had that yellowish discoloration for a long time, perhaps even before she came into my home. It's always concerned me, but because she was eating just fine, and displayed all signs of good health, I didn't think much of it.

    I recently went on vacation for a week and had my roommate make sure my snake was fine while I was out. When I came back, the yellow discoloration seemed to spread a lot more. It was shocking for me to see it run down much further than it did before I left.

    I fed my snake before I left, gave her fresh water, and told my roommate to constantly make sure her cage was clean and the water fresh while I was out. I also had them clean up her waste when she eventually passed it.

    This little girl lives in a ten gallon glass aquarium (I plan on moving her to a larger one once she gets big enough), and uses paper towels as substrate. Sometimes I use newspaper.
    Her water is changed every other day, and the under tank heating pad stays at a comfortable 80 degrees, give or day several degrees, and it's on one side of the tank. The other is left cool.

    I feed her thawed frozen mice (I put them in warm water so they're warm when I feed them to my snake) once a week. Right now, she's eating fuzzies.

    I have a feeling this is normal, and just part of her coloring since she never acts strangely. She's active, constantly surveys her environment, eats just fine, and poops fine. Still, I'd rather be safe than sorry.

    Any ideas as to what this yellow discoloration is? It goes a little further down than in the picture.

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    Re: Discoloration Near Head

    It appears to be normal pigmentation for that particular animal. I will say however, that your basking area is a bit low at 80. You wanna get it up to around 87- 90. How are you measuring those temps, a temp.gun and or a digital thermometer is the most accurate way.
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    Re: Discoloration Near Head

    agreed, looks like her coloration. If she's healthy then I say just her. Check to see if it's just different color scale... from the pic that's what I would lean towards..... Susan will be by at some point I'm sure

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    Re: Discoloration Near Head

    I agree. It's normal coloration.
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    Re: Discoloration Near Head

    100% normal. Ghosts are hypo(reduces black) and Anery(removes red/brown). Cornsnakes have 3 basic colors, red(brown), yellow and grey(black). If you look at pictures of normals you will see the yellow there too, it's not as obvious as the anery based snakes.
    She looks good! Ghosts are one of my favorite combos, I should be able to produce them next year or the year after depends on the size of my girl
    80f is a bit low, I keep all mine at 85f hot spot and 75f cool side.
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    Re: Discoloration Near Head

    Thanks everyone! Glad to know my little corn is healthy!
    I'll bump up the heat to 85-90.

    And Bucher, I use a digital thermometer.
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