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    Elite Member Julie&brad's Avatar
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    Nov 2004

    Male or Female???

    We were told that we have a female, but we saw today on a site that says if they have 50 scales from cloca to tip of tail it is female and if they have 60 there male! We are counting 63!! Is this BS or is this true? THis information came from a vets web site.
    Julie & Brad

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    Moderator kenman1963's Avatar
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    BS,,,,the snake needs to be probed, it's the only sure way to tell.

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    Elite Member Bitis Gabonica's Avatar
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    Yes, the snake needs to be probed. The scale count applies to how far the probe goes in, but probing should only be done by an experienced person. FYI scale count can determine locality and sub-sp of boa that you have.
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    Scale count from coloca to tail tip can be an indication of sex, and is right most of the time.....the only 100% way to tell sex is by probing
    I'll think of something to put here soon.......

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    Counting the scales is like judging by spur or tail size. Yes, it gives an idea, but not at all accurate. Just like the others already said, probing is the only sure way to tell. I have a ball python that I thought was a male for 4 years because it had large spurs and tale like my other males. Finally got around to having it probed and it turned out to be a female I was shocked. Now I have a female snake named Tarzan because I let a 3 year old name it and was told it was a boy.

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