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    Off to a Good Start?

    I just got my first redtail boa (pics just posted) and the guy set me up with the basics-waterbowl, under the tank heating pad, substrate, log, and a little tree decoration that my snake definitely prefers to his hidey-hole log. What he didn't advise me to get was the thermometers/humidity checkers or spray bottle. What are the best things for my little guy and how bad is it that I don't have them now?

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    Re: Off to a Good Start?

    Congraulations on the new boa. Are you using anything to measure temps an humidity. Also under tank heaters can get very hot should be run off some kind of thermostat.
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    Re: Off to a Good Start?

    Thanks, I'm kind of ridiculously excited/nervous. No, I don't have anything in the tank to take measurements, though my bf has a gadget that he can measure the temp with. But I know I need something to measure humidity, what types are best, do they need to be in the tank at all times to consistently take readings? And the heating pad is supposedly self-regulating, should I look into getting one I can adjust manually?

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