So a while ago I had a Ball Python that came in with belly rot, just one scale, treated it with the clorhex surgical scrub, and the polysporin like the vet recommended and it went away after a shed. He was successfully adopted and hasn't have a reoccurence. So I had a dinner last night with some friends of mine and I pulled my burm out and she has a small spot of belly rot. It's not bad, but it's still belly rot. I was told by a friend it can be passed from snake to snake by handling (I wash my hands religiously). Has anyone ever heard of that?

Also, what exactly is belly rot? Bacterial? Fungal? I did a little more research online and couldn't really find any answers. I also read on a few sites of people treating it with peroxide. I know what causes it, unclean conditions, humidity too high, temps not right, just poor husbandry. That's what's got me so confused to why my burm has gotten it. My temps are right, my humidity is right, I'm really obsessive about having cages that are clean, but we didn't have water the last time she messed her enclosure. I cleaned it, but wasn't able to give her a bath for 4 days due to not having water. Is that enough to spark belly rot? (she is being treated btw)