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Too Many Times

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by , 04-09-2012 at 03:24 PM (818 Views)
So I was attempting to buy a new herpstat for the incubator I am building (there will be a site article when all of my supplies arrive) and went directly to the source, spyder robotics. They are using zencart and have some of the settings screwed up because it tries to compare what you entered on their site against what you entered on paypals site. If the 2 do not match exactly you receive an error and are asked to contact the site owner. This same issue happened to me months ago and was quickly rectified via the owner telling me their paypal info and shooting things forward. (I sent payments and they sent me my supplies.) I guess he didn't think fixing the issue was all that important then because last night the same issue happened again. I forwarded him an email letting him know and I was asked to try again and forward him a screenshot if I get the error again. (He didn't complete my order so I go in, a little frustrated to have to do it a second time knowing he could have filled the order while I helped him debug and the error arose again.) He believed the issue was that my apartment # was not on the same line as my address and he corrected that, which is why he wanted me to do it again. Well he contacts me AGAIN and says he wants me to try again. Are you kidding me? We are now on the 3rd attempt and you still haven't processed my order which you already told me you could see. Does that guy have any clue how to keep customers? I am not going to do it a 3rd time, wasting my time, because you hired or are an incompetent coder. You shouldn't be comparing what I enter into your site against my paypal info. I own a business and have 2 addresses I use. If I choose to use one of my 2 paypal accounts the addresses will be different but I own both and can charge both. (I used the same mailing address but they contain That has to be one of the stupidest features I have ever seen in my life. If you want to run a certain feature then perhaps just make it so you only ship to the paypal address that paypal has on file! Ta da, now if the info were indeed stolen the thief wouldn't get any merchandise! Asking a customer who is spending $150.00 on your site to continuously redo the sale even though you see the transaction, have dealt with the customer before and they already went beyond the normal scope of a customer is just stupid business and ended up costing them a customer. (I let him know it cost him a customer.)

I don't have a problem helping someone out with their site but you shouldn't expect the person to continually redo the order when you have it in your que awaiting payment. He could have very easily forwarded me the paypal stuff, like he did the first time. It isn't my job to debug his site. What struck a nerve though was that his final response, as of writing this, was that he needs to fix the issue which is why he has me redoing it. Like I said above, I guess it wasn't an issue the first time it happened MONTHS ago. I won't be using his site anymore and think i may take this opportunity to try out a Helix unit that many suggest. its too bad, I already run 3 Herpstats and liked them.

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