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    Bearded Dragon Breeding Season?

    Is there a certain time in the year where Bearded Dragons will breed ?
    Or will they just do it all year round?

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    Re: Bearded Dragon Breeding Season?

    Depends on the breeder and how much time they allow them to brumate, usually you'll see them in the spring and summer.

    Most breeders will get their breeders in tip top shape prior to brumation, also called Pre-Breeding Conditioning! Then the next step is brumation (reptile hibernation) they usually do this during the winter months for a few weeks. Cool temperatures and reduced activity followed by warming and a return to normal activity causes the formation and release of reproductive hormones which means its time to mate. Usually around the end of March they take them out of brumation, after this they will encourage them to eat as much as they want for a couple of weeks. Then it's breeding time, male is introduced to the females enclosure and mating begins. If successful the female will become gravid, after she lays her eggs it will take about 55-85days the eggs will begin to hatch. Hatchling should only be sold after 6 weeks of age and 6" in length.

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    Re: Bearded Dragon Breeding Season?

    to simply answer the qustion, they wiil breed year round if conditions are right, but over breeding the female can shorten her lifespan or even kill her. but, mld pretty much nailed what a good breeder would do.
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