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    when is a beardie considered a juvenile

    When is a Bearded Dragon considered a juvenile and not a baby? Is there a certain size or age?


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    once they get a little fatter on the sides is a way I've seen that makes them a juvie also I think it's like 4-5 months is the age I hope it helps

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    There is no real set age where a hatchling becomes a young dragon, becomes a juvenile, becomes an adult.. generally a juvenile is the age and size inbetween hatchling and sub-adult, so at about a few weeks old until a few months old. A dragon can reach full size by the age of 9 months, so if going by size a dragon could be classed as an adult by 9months, or some may not class it as an adult until 12-18months, or even two years. Sexually maturity can be used to determine classifications by some, but since some dragons may reach sexual maturity sooner than others, again this is not a definitive way of telling.

    I personally class our dragons as: hatchlings/babies from hatching - a few weeks of age. Juveniles : a few weeks of age - a few months of age. Sub-adult : 5-6 months - 9-12months, Adult : 12+ months.

    Think of how a human is determined to be of a certain age group, and consider the same for Bearded Dragons, although more suited to the life span.

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